Sponsor Tigurr!

Tigurr was sadly diagnosed with wet form FIP, a terrible virus that is unfortunately fatal. There is one ray of hope: a promising, but very expensive, medication that costs around $40 per day. So far, with your donations, we have been able to buy medication for 20 days. The course takes a total of 84 days. We still have a long way to go, and without this Tigurr will not make it.

So instead of filling stockings with a pair of socks, why not fill our hearts with hope!

Sponsor Tigurr’s medication for just 1 day, and help bring him one step closer to recovery! Give the gift of life this Christmeows (using the reference “Tigurr” when donating).

Christmas Wishlist Fundraiser

Would you please be our Santa this Christmas?
The Holiday season is here, and our rescues have been on their best behavior! Your donations will make Christmas extra special for them this year. Check out their Wishlist to see what specific items they need.

World Rabies Day

World Rabies Day was an awesome success this year. We raised 16.3 million VND (about $700) and vaccinated more than 70 pets! Rabies is a scary, deadly disease that can spread to other animals and humans. Vaccinations are life-saving, and essential to protect our community. Thank you to everyone who came and supported us on the day.

Pandas big adventure

Getting a handicapped dog halfway across the world in a global pandemic was — let’s just say it — damn near impossible. But, our volunteers would do anything for this sweet girl, Panda. We even named our dog house after her. She’s of our longest residing rescues and was with us for 1102 days. We’re over the moon to see her playing safely in her ultimate forever home in Connecticut, with furry siblings, loving humans and all.

The fatal FIP virus

We have tried everything in our power to stop the spread of FIP in our shelter to no avail. Last week ,we said a heartbreaking goodbye to our sweet Paisley boy. This week, two more cats are presenting the same symptoms. Sometimes, it feels like too much to bear, and too much pain to go through, but we continue because the cats need us.