Other Ways To Help
Wherever you are, you can contribute.

See the difference you can make

Gather supplies

Our center is constantly in need of supplies for the animals, staff and volunteers.

Call hotels

Call local hotels to see if they have any bedding, towels or cleaning supplies that they are willing to donate.

Social media

Share our stories, animals waiting for adoption, events, and education materials with everyone you can.


To spread awareness, we are always looking for photographers to help our cause in various ways.


Talk to people in your community. Tell them about our mission and the proper treatment of companion animals.

Create content

We constantly need high-quality teaching content, for the children we educate and for our community.


Most of our website is only in English. We need Vietnamese translations for all our content.


Support the businesses that support us, join our fundraisers, and attend Paws events.

Monthly fundraisers and events are held in Đà Nẵng to raise donations and animal awareness. We always need help brainstorming event ideas, planning, and organizing! Wherever you are in the world, you can help.

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