Humane animal welfare


Our pledge to end animal suffering

Paws For Compassion was founded in Đà Nẵng, Việt Nam by two animal enthusiasts and educators, who saw the need for animal education in the region. We seek to inform and educate individuals about the animal cruelty that is taking place within their communities. The program is aimed at youth, with the intent of informing them about humane animal welfare education. Paws For Compassion serves the community by providing safety, medical treatment, and rehabilitation to help stray dogs and cats become adoptable. We also work with partners and the veterinary industry to improve companion animal care.

Rehabilitate & adopt

To provide a safe, temporary shelter to stray animals for the purpose of finding forever homes

Spay & neuter

To provide assistance and an affordable spay and neuter program, preventing overpopulation

Community outreach

To educate communities and raise awareness about responsible pet ownership with a focus on developing a youth campaign to eliminate the dog and cat meat trade, demand, and consumption in Việt Nam

Go Green Mondays

To promote and encourage restaurants and schools to adopt the Humane Society’s “Meat-Free Mondays” campaign

Our mission

Our mission is to improve the welfare of animals by combating animal cruelty and pet overpopulation through education. We strive to inspire a greater sense of empathy and responsibility for pets. Ideally, whole communities and groups will stand up, raise their voices and take action towards improving animal rights. Empowering the youth to make a difference increases the potential of making a more caring, interactive and loving world.

Our goal

Our goal is to prevent cruelty to animals, to improve the welfare of companion animals and to bring about a much needed, long-term change: from being victims to being valuable members of a community. Paws For Compassion believes that it is inherent upon people to speak up for these animals and take action so that sustainable animal husbandry becomes the expected (and only acceptable) way to treat our four-legged friends.

Help us end animal suffering.

  • Speed up recovery time and mental health by providing a foster home.
  • Become educated of the terrible, everyday suffering that occurs in the meat market trade.
  • Volunteer your time.
  • Help us facilitate our educational program throughout all of Việt Nam.
  • Make a financial contribution.