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Your collaboration can be the perfect gift for our furry animals and the local community. We are a group of individuals with a variety of skills and experience. Our staff work full-time and give their free time to rescue and rehabilitate as many animals as they can. This includes getting their hands dirty with daily groundwork, and all the admin, financials and marketing. We’ve had all sorts of organizations partner with us, giving us funds, manpower, animal supplies, and organizing events in our name!

Here are our current partners and how they help our animals.

Our Partners

Four Paws

Four Paws International (VierPfoten) is a strong, global and independent voice for animals under direct human influence. Their vision is a world where people treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding.

Paws For Compassion, Four Paws and Việt Nam Cat Welfare have launched the ‘Cats Matter Too’ program, focused on raising local awareness of this issue, keeping cats safe, offering free spay/neuter services to pet owners and local businesses, and rescuing cats in need. The program also involves ongoing workshops at local schools to impart a message of compassion towards all animals.

With Four Paws support, Việt Nam’s ‘Cats Matter Too’ program is the first of its kind in Việt Nam to specifically focus on promoting feline welfare while also targeting the cat meat trade.


Natucate — Their name intentionally combines the English words ‘nature’ and (to) ‘educate’, because it is their aim to reconcile nature and education. Natucate offers nature tourism and voluntary service abroad and concentrate on the domain’s nature conservation, environmental and animal protection. Natucate does not only target school-leavers, students and graduates, who may want to gather valuable experience, but it is also aimed at working people and over 50s, who are looking for a way to broaden their horizons in an unforgettable and at the same time meaningful way.

We are excited to announce that we have been working hard on an eco-friendly volunteer tourism package that will combine volunteer work and cultural experiences and will be launching in April 2020.


Cuddly helps rescue animals in need. Cuddly provides a platform where animal rescue organizations can receive donations or much-needed wish-list items like food, supplements, and toys.

Cuddly has been an incredible partner to Paws For Compassion. In 2019, they have helped us raise over $12,000 for more than 30 rescue animals in our care, and provided us with much needed food, animal supplies and medicine. We could not have done half of what we do if it wasn’t for Cuddly and all of their support.


Cormis and Paws For Compassion are working on producing a new product line of bandanas for our rescued cats and dogs, by using recycled clothes and leftover fabric. These activities are aimed at creating more job opportunities, and contribute to increasing income for women with disabilities who want to improve the quality of their life and the community: one of the organization’s biggest aims.

Proceeds from the sale of these recycled products will be used by Paws For Compassion to continue to support all our rescue animals, as well as projects in our community.

Good Dog Club

Good Dog Club has the simple objective to help animals in need. During the founder’s travels in Việt Nam, it was clear that the street dogs were in serious need of help. From severe skin conditions, to near dying on the street, he felt helpless to do anything about it.

Luckily Nick, the founder of Good Dog Club, discovered Paws For Compassion, a local animal welfare organization in Đà Nẵng who work their tails off to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home animals in need.

The good dog club donates 20% of profits to Paws For Compassion, so your purchase helps contribute to lasting change and happy lives for the good pups in Việt Nam!


Women United for Animal Welfare is a global foundation founded by five women focused on improving animal welfare locally and abroad through direct action in the field.

They work with foreign partners, like us, and local partners to help set up education programs, build sanctuaries, provide low cost veterinary care, and many other acts that enhance the lives of animals.

WUFAW and Paws For Compassion provide free sterilization for local owned and stray dogs. Through free sterilization we hope to prevent further overpopulation of dogs, and cats of course. The cat and dog meat trade won’t stop overnight, but through mass sterilization we can indirectly help stop this horrific trade that happens around us daily. Together we can make a difference.

Việt Nam Cat Welfare & Cứu Trợ động Vật Đà Nẵng

We would have not been able to rescue and take care of so many animals if it weren’t for these two incredible organizations we work alongside. Neither these organizations are funded by the government and do everything they do by receiving donations.

Việt Nam Cat Welfare is a UK non-profit charity based in Việt Nam and concentrates on promoting sterilization, vaccination, compassion and education, all to improve the understanding of cat behavior, general care and overall welfare for cats and animal rights in Việt Nam. VCW addresses the horrific cat and dog meat trade, and deal with situations daily. VCW continuously rescue, rehabilitate and rehome cats from situations involving neglect, cruelty, overpopulation, accidents and take care of over 80 cats. To help fund their incredible work they have a vegan cat cafe at their rescue premises, send them a message to make an appointment

Cứu Trợ Động Vật Đà Nẵng work tirelessly to rescue and rehome as many companions’ animals possible. Cứu Trợ động Vật is supported by a network of volunteers that help rehabilitate and rehome animals that have been neglected or abandoned. They believe that “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress are judged based on how they treat animals.”

The Workshop

The Workshop has been operating since January 2016. It was started as a casual home studio that could also function for art showcases and classes, started by artist and teacher, Chris McBride.

The initial aims were humble and short-term but as the art scene started to grow in the city, Chris found himself at the center of the community as a leader and organizer. After making the decision to stay in the city for the long-term, Chris started to put more work and effort into the arts and The Workshop. The Workshop has since grown in strength and reputation and has become synonymous with art and Đà Nẵng. In March 2019, Nguyen Loi, longtime friend and experienced chef, partnered with Chris to bring his unique culinary skills and ambitions to the team. The Workshop has now moved from their original city-side location to a new and improved beachside spot. The new spot meets the greater demand and ambitions of the customers and team, where they also permanently host Clothes for Compassion.

Clothes for Compassion is a makeshift thrift store, full of donated western clothes and household items. All the funds raised goes to benefit animals at Paws For Compassion and The Orphan Center in town.


Accounting for International Development (AfID) supports a broad range of non-profit organizations globally through the provision of volunteer accountants. Assignments from 2 weeks to 12 months form part of our ongoing commitment to build the financial management capacity of non-profit partners globally. AfID and their volunteers have supported more than 500 non-profit partners in 57 countries.

Section 30

Section 30 is a local restaurant opened by one of our volunteers! They are so supportive in running events, fundraisers, and even featuring Paws For Compassion and our animals on one of their main walls!