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Paws for Compassion is a non-profit animal rescue network.

Established by Dom and Lexie in 2015, Paws for Compassion has improved the welfare of animals in Đà Nẵng through rehabilitation, and provides them with a safe place from the meat trade industry until they are ready for adoption. We are dedicated to raising animal awareness by providing information and an education program for Vietnamese children. Our mission is to improve the welfare of companion animals in central Việt Nam through rehabilitation.

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We rescue and rehabilitate animals at our cat and dog shelters, providing a safe place for them to recover until they’re ready to find their forever homes. We educate our community on the importance of animal welfare. Working with the animal healthcare industry, we aim to tackle the issue of overpopulation and animal health including spaying and neutering, vaccination, and improving the quality of veterinary care. Our biggest challenge and heartbreak is the cruelty of the cat and dog meat trade, which we continue to work hard to educate on and combat wherever possible.

We have grown to a team of over 40 volunteers and rescued and re-homed countless animals. We hope to extend our impact even more. We are non-profit and completely volunteer-based, relying on our volunteers, donors and partners to fund our cause.

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January is Unchain A Dog Month. This campaign was created in order to spread awareness about the damaging effects that chaining has on dogs. Dogs are naturally social beings who need interaction with humans and/or other animals. Being restrained for long periods of time can severely damage their physical and psychological well-being.

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