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Each year, MyGivingCircle gives away grants to charities, non-profits and community groups based on votes. On December 30, the #60 charities with the most votes share in $100,000. Help PAWS qualify for one of the grants by voting or donating.

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Improve the welfare of our companion animals through education and rehabilitation.

Once-off donation

Any amount you can give helps to fund our vital work to improve animal welfare here. Our biggest expense is paying rent so that our furry friends can have a safe environment to be rehabilitated and get ready to find their fur-ever homes! We also need food, veterinary care, medical supplies, cleaning product, the list goes on!

One-off donations are such a help for us in covering our daily costs and saving as many animal lives as possible. Our volunteers then work tirelessly (giving their time and so much love for FREE) to make sure it all happens.

Recurring donation / sponsor

This is a chance for you to sponsor an animal you’ve fallen in love with directly or ensure that we can continue to cover our costs on a monthly basis! Whether you sponsor a dog or a cat, as little as $25 a month makes all the difference, giving them most of the necessities until they can be adopted. And because our aim is to re-home pets as soon as we can, you may find that you sponsor lots of different pets – even better! Visit our Instagram or Facebook to choose a specific animal you would like to sponsor. You will receive regular updates on their progress.

Cuddly Wishlist

Cuddly has been a great partner for us in fundraising for our cause. They provide an amazing platform where animal rescue organizations can receive donations (or much-needed items like food, supplements and toys) to help rescue animals. People can find us easily and donate to specific animals, medical emergencies, or specific items we may need.

Cash donation

You can also bring cash over to Paws HQ, if you’re here in Đà Nẵng! Please message us on Facebook to organize your cash donation.