Panda’s big adventure

Getting a handicapped dog halfway across the world in a global pandemic was — let’s just say it — damn near impossible. But, our volunteers would do anything for this sweet girl, Panda. We even named our dog house after her. She’s of our longest residing rescues and was with us for 1102 days. We’re over the moon to see her playing safely in her ultimate forever home in Connecticut, with furry siblings, loving humans and all.

After a horrifying motorbike accident, Panda was left paralyzed. Her best chance at a happy and comfortable life was to amputate her hind legs. But, there’s no stopping this girl. After an intense surgery, she bounced right back in a matter of days, full of energy. She has always been the alpha of the PAWS pack, despite her different body.

She has been the face of PAWS in her years with us, stealing the hearts of everyone she meets. She’s also a local celebrity, recognized by many on her weekly trips to the beach and daily wheelchair walks. She has helped educate so many children and adults on animal care, with her sweet, loving nature.

Thanks to our incredible partner, WUFAW, we found Panda’s forever family. Your monetary support raised enough funds for her flight. Coronavirus delayed and complicated her plans, but we were lucky to find two volunteers, Jamey and Sam, to accompany her on her flight. She drove for hours in Vietnam before taking her flight all the way to the USA.

Her adventure wasn’t over yet. She and her family bonded on their road trip through 5 states, including a hotel stay and meeting the extended family. They all fell in love instantly, and she has adjusted quickly to her new poolside life. There’s a Panda-sized hole here in Panda’s Palace, but our hearts are full, knowing she has found her happy place.