World Rabies Day

World Rabies Day was an awesome success this year. We raised 16.3 million VND (about $700) and vaccinated more than 70 pets! Rabies is a scary, deadly disease that can spread to other animals and humans. Vaccinations are life-saving, and essential to protect our community. Thank you to everyone who came and supported us on the day.

We first decided to run a World Rabies Day event in 2019, to raise awareness and make vaccinations more affordable. Once symptoms show, rabies is irreversible and almost always leads to death. The seriousness of this disease is exactly why we need to get all pets vaccinated: to protect the wonderful humans and animals in our community.

World Rabies Day 2020 was a huge success at Section 30. Rabies vaccinations were free for pets all day. We had so much fun making connections and meeting new friends. There were even human “rabies shots” up for grabs, awesome partner prizes, great music, and, of course, animals everywhere.

We also vaccinated more than 70 animals on the day. Rabies is terrifying, and continues to be a problem, so raising awareness and funds for this cause are vital. Thanks to you, our incredible donors, partners, supporters and volunteers, for continuing to make amazing things happen.