Wrapping up 2023:

Thank you for being part of this journey

Thanks to the unwavering support and generosity of our donors, partners and friends, we were able to make a significant positive impact on the welfare of companion animals in central Việt Nam. We are pleased to share some of our achievements for 2023. 

Pet rescue and rehabilitation

In 2023, we rescued 12 cats and 13 dogs, with a majority of abandoned neonatal kittens (5) and injured or sick dogs (10).
All of them made a successful recovery and 6 of them have already found their forever home. 

This year, 3 of our Cat House residents, Finnick, Hen and Zelenskyy, have been diagnosed with FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis). Once a cat develops clinical FIP, the disease is usually progressive and almost always fatal without a therapy that has recently become available. This treatment is very expensive and we are relying solely on donations to cover those expenses. Thanks to our amazing supporters we were able to treat our 3 cats and are happy to share that both Finnick and Hen are healthy and happy in their new forever home. Zelenskyy has been responding really well to the treatment.

We are thrilled to share that 12 dogs and 16 cats have found their forever home this year, among them some of our long-lasting residents: Cinnamon, Captain, Ashy, Smokey and Chilli who were with us for more than a year. 

This year we received a number of applications for international adoptions, seven of which were successful: Captain (Canada), Lucky (Italy), Samson (Netherlands), Rufus (Spain), Vanilla and Bean (USA), Ashy (UK). 

Adopt a Rescue

When you adopt a dog or cat from Paws For Compassion, we need to make sure that you are 100% committed to your fur-family, and take them with you wherever you move to next. It may be a bit costly to bring him or her with you, depending on where you travel to, but we know just the right people to help with the process and relocate your pet abroad.

Education, the cornerstone of our organisation

One of the biggest challenges we face here in Vietnam is unwanted animals. These unwanted cats and dogs are the most susceptible to horrific disease, abandonment and neglect. We have been working hard for years – in collaboration with our partners – to educate the community on sterilisation; making it safe, readily available, and affordable for pet owners.
In 2023, we sterilised a total of 291 dogs and 779 cats

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Creating change for animals starts with education. PAWS creates free lessons for teachers to help you teach your students about animal welfare. We also offer both onsite and offsite lessons for learners of all ages. 

This year, we had 15 elementary students visit our Cat House to learn about the 5 freedoms of animals, how to take care of cats and they spent some time learning more about volunteering. But we also welcomed 3 high school students who run their own club where they sell baked goods and then buy food and cleaning supplies to help the rescue animals of Danang. Not only did they drop off goodies for our cats, but during their visit, they learned about cat behaviour and how to help our feline friends live stress-free. 

Next year we would like to offer more workshops to our community. If you are a teacher of students 12+ years old and you would like to give your students the chance to learn more about animal welfare, please get in touch.

New project: The Pagoda PAWS Project 

In November, we launched our new project, aiming to sterilise, medically treat, and provide a healthy meal plan for the dogs living at the Linh Ung Pagoda. The costs have been estimated to $7,000! We have raised $1400 which we used to buy 80kg of dog food, provide a few dogs with parasite prevention, sterilised 6 dogs and vaccinated them against rabies.
This will be an ongoing project, so stay tuned for more updates! 

Together we can make a difference!

With no government funding, we only rely on people like you deciding to help out the precious animals in such desperate need of care. Our donors, volunteers and partners have helped us rescue and re-home animals, as well as provide thousands of essential vaccinations, safe spay and neuter surgeries, and medical treatment for animals in need.

Thank you so much for your support and from all of us at Paws for Compassion: