Urgent weatherproofing for 2021!

The rainy season is coming

Every year, Vietnam gets hit by strong winds, typhoons and large amounts of rainfall. We need to ensure that our accommodations can shield the dogs and cats, keeping them warm, safe and cozy during this time.

Funds are urgently needed to prepare our dog and cat shelters for the upcoming rainy season. We moved to new locations this year, and weatherproofing against strong winds and rain is now priority.


Both shelters need quite a lot of work!

Unfortunately, both our Dog House and Cat House quarantine and sleeping shelters have been decommissioned due to rain gushing in from all sides. We desperately need to seal the roof in order to take in more rescue animals. Our yard is inaccessible during these strong storms. Bored dogs and cats stuck inside without any enrichment lead to fights breaking out and we need to divide the shelter into smaller enclosures to keep the bullies separate (but still safe from the rain).

Fundraising goals

  • Cat House: $ 440 / 10,000,000 VND
  • Dog House: $ 400 / 9,116,000 VND

Total: $840

Any additional funds raised will be allocated to purchase a much-needed dryers for both our rescue centers, allowing us to keep towels and bedding dry for the long rainy months ahead.

Donate now

Please help by donating as much as you can to help us reach our goals. All the animals thank you for keeping them safe and warm.


  • If donating through PayPal, to ensure that ALL your funds go directly to improving our facilities (instead of a general donation), enter the reference “weather” on the PayPal checkout screen.