The Cat House Is Moving:

Our Rescues Need Your Help!

After months of searching for a new home for our kitties… the Paws cat shelter is finally moving! We needed a bigger space to accommodate our ever-growing population of feline friends, and dreamed of a beautiful outside space for them.

Our team is excited to announce that we found an ideal place, but it needs A LOT of work to make it purrfect for our cats.

We need to paint, cat-proof, tile, and fix up the entire property and garden. On top of that, we need to pay 6 months of rent up front.

All of this is going to cost around $5,500 – and this is where you can help!

We are hoping to move by the end of this month – time is ticking, and we still have a long way to go before reaching our goal. Please help us fix up our new location and make it a purrfect, peaceful haven for our deserving kitties!