Ripped from their family:

The Victims of The Dog Meat Trade

Beloved pets are still being stolen everyday into the cruel Cat and Dog Meat Trade. Last month, we were saddened to learn of Jon’s disappearance. Despite a relentless search by his parents in the detention cells of Hoi An, Jon has not been found. Jon is unfortunately not the only Paws dog to go missing after being adopted.

Jon was rescued in 2022. During his time at the Dog House, he won the hearts of many people with his loving demeanour. Jon was a true gentleman, causing no drama at the shelter, just wanting someone to call his own. Last year, he left the Dog House to be fostered with his friend Cinnamon. His foster family fell in love with the cute duo and decided to adopt them earlier this year. Jon was snatched from his family just outside the house.

The beautiful Kona was also stolen right in front of her new family. Archie and young Gus have both disappeared after being allowed to roam free. Bella was never found after escaping from the garden. 

Jon 2018 - 2024
Bella 2015 - 2022
Gus 2020 - 2021
Kona 2020 - 2022
Archie 2018 -2021

It’s hard to explain how heartbreaking and emotionally draining these situations are for our team. These dogs have been rescued, nursed back to health and happiness, only to disappear less than a year after leaving our care.

Paws, together with its partners and other organisations, fights this inhumane trade and raises awareness and educates people about animal welfare. But every day we still see cats and dogs – even well-fed and collared ones – roaming the streets, young puppies tied up outside, spending days and nights alone, at the mercy of thieves.

PLEASE never leave your pet unattended, even in your yard! It only takes 1 second to steal your pet – it is NOT worth the risk. Keep them safe inside and keep them on lead when walking outside..

How to prevent your dog from being stolen and what to do if your dog is missing

Dog snatchers will capture the dogs dead or alive. They often use poison or taser guns but sometimes just snatch the dog by the collar or the lead. This can happen during the day but is more prevalent when it is dark. Avoid walking your dog at night.

If your dog is stolen in the Danang and Hoi An area, we recommend that you contact the Facebook group “Dog and cat theft in the Hoi An and Danang area” for advice and a list of holding cells. 

Post information about your dog on Facebook groups, make posters, ask around; don’t go to the holding cells alone! The people involved in the dog meat trade are violent and dog owners have been brutally beaten.

In Vietnam, pets are considered property and thieves can be persecuted, so don’t hesitate to report to the police.