More super happy adoptees!

We are so happy to give you an update on two of our favorite Paws adoptees. This month we have a dog AND a cat story for you!

Cuddly Cola was rescued from the dog meat trade, with severe mange mites. He is a cute little dancer and became our latest foster fail with his forever dad Jay. He had itchy sores and hair loss all over his body. Cola blossomed into a loving pup who loves cuddles and a dance! He was one of our latest foster fails, after his foster dad decided to keep him forever.

This beautiful kitty Marmite has had a rough ride. After being bitten by a dog, she had nerve damage and couldn’t use one of her back legs properly. She recovered to have full use of that leg again and went to her forever home. She had a tough time adjusting and stopped eating for two weeks! She had to be syringe-fed for two weeks. We are so happy to finally see her happily adjusted. She is loving her new home with mom Carol and canine cuddle buddy Lily!

Too cute! We can’t wait to share more foster fails and adoptions with you.