A report on the cat meat trade in Vietnam

Together with our partner, 4PAWS International, we are trying to shed light on the cruel cat meat trade which often goes unnoticed, together with the equally cruel dog meat trade.

Warning: This video contains explicit content of animal cruelty. Please, please watch this short video. I beg you. It will make you cry (as it did me). But this is REAL. Help us stop it.

Take action now!

Today is the release a first of the investigative report exposing the theft, trafficking, and slaughter of more than one million cats every year in Vietnam! Every day in Vietnam, thousands of cats are stolen from the streets and even from people’s homes to supply the demand for cat meat.

Today’s cat meat trade spans the entire country and consists of complex international and provincial trading networks covering distances of over 1,000 km, connecting holding areas, slaughterhouses and restaurants who advertise cat meat as “Little Tiger”.

The cats who survive the grueling journey await a horrible death. They wait – some frozen in fear, others desperately pawing and biting at the cages as they watch others being beaten and drowned – until it is their own turn to go.

These facts are hard to hear, but Vietnam’s cats need your help! You can be part of the change that ends this cruel, dangerous and illegal trade: