Vietnamese capital Hanoi asks people not to eat dog meat

Amazing step in the right direction. Authorities are becoming aware

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Extract: “Officials in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi are urging residents to stop eating dog meat as it could hurt the city’s reputation and lead to diseases like rabies.

The Hanoi People’s Committee said the practice could tarnish the city’s image as a “civilised and modern capital.”

The city office added that consuming the meat could lead to the spread of diseases like rabies and leptospirosis.

Over 1,000 stores in Hanoi still sell dogs and cat meat.

The committee also urged residents to stop eating cat meat, which is less popular but still available. It highlighted the fact that many of the animals were cruelly killed.”

Than Nhien also published the following article in Vietnamese “By 2021, Hanoi will no longer trade dog meat in the city“.