The next 3 months’ rent is due in TEN DAYS!

The next 3 months’ rent is due in TEN DAYS!
April 2, 2021 fruitbat

The next 3 months’ rent is due in TEN DAYS!

No one likes paying rent, and we sure don’t like asking for donations towards it! Every 3 months, this burden pops up and we need to reach out for help so we can continue saying yes to animals in need BUT this time it is a competition: we want to see which house will raise their rent first.

Our Dog House and Cat House rent is due 3 months in advance, and we desperately need to raise a total $4350 / 100,444,209VND. We need your help, dog or cat supporters!

  • Dog House rent: $2150 / 49,500,000VND
  • Cat House rent: $2200 / 50,799,370VND

With your support in donating as small as $5 to our rent, Paws for Compassion will continue saying yes to animals in need. We provide shelter, rescue and rehabilitate companion animals, continue with FREE sterilization for the local Vietnamese and educate the community about respect and kindness to all animals.

Just this year, we have taken in over 20 animals in need and sterilized almost 400 pets. We believe that together we can all make a difference in the lives of our companion animals. Through our projects, over the last five years we have seen incredible change in the lives of animals and the minds of their owners. Paws for Compassion is committed to continue to change the lives of companion animals in Danang and of course, Vietnam. So, please help us continue doing this!

Thanks for considering making a donation, big or small, towards the $4,350 we need to pay for our Cat and Dog Houses’ rent for 3 months. Please use CAT HOUSE OR DOG HOUSE or BOTH when making a donation. Donate here ????


Bank Account

Name: Paws for Compassion


Bank account number: 1017684599


Animals in Danang rely on us and we know that we will be able to reach our goal because of all our PAWsome donors like YOU! Follow us on Facebook to see who is in the lead.