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Dog & Cat Meat Trade

Dog & Cat Meat Trade

Thus, our main focus and reason why we are committed to educating, advocating, and raising awareness in the community and all of Southeast Asia is the canine and feline meat trade. The dog and cat meat trade are the greatest animal welfare concern, in Việt Nam and in the world. It is the only trade known to encourage mass unregulated movement, slaughter, and sale of over 30 million dogs each year with Việt Nam demanding the highest amount of meat. Not only do stolen pets and street dogs suffer unimaginably, this mass movement is a significant health risk and potential transmission of animal borne diseases, particularly rabies. Studies have revealed high incidence of rabies-infected dogs in restaurants, slaughterhouses, and markets throughout the region. This is a danger to pets, their owners, as well all people.

A pet is more than an animal, it is a friend that will give endless love. Pet owners are already well aware of this fact. Dogs and cats improve the quality of life by decreasing stress, lowering cholesterol, improving immunity and many more intangible benefits! If pets are the best medicine then why are so many neglected, homeless, and abused?

Asia – Dog Meat Video

The cruel cat and dog meat trade is thriving in Vietnam. Every day beloved pets are stolen. Together we can ALL create a safer place for animals in Vietnam by spreading awareness and educating people. Thank you to Get Lost Productions for creating this amazing video about the inhumane, unregulated cat meat trade.