Our First Cutest Pet Photo Contest!

Our First Cutest Pet Photo Contest!
September 9, 2021 fruitbat

What’s happening?

We’re thrilled to announce our 1st Cutest Pet Photo Contest! This is a chance for you to share pictures of your adorable pets and cheer us all up during this difficult time as we cope with the pandemic.

How can I participate?

This competition is easy to join! Submit your favorite photo of your pet, add a short backstory story and tell us why they are the coolest! Get your friends and family to vote for your pet’s photo.

Donate to vote for your favorite contender and to help to improve the lives of the animals forever!

We’ve got some wonderful prizes. The top-voted 6 submissions for the dog and cat categories will have their photos gorgeously printed on our 2022 calendar, and you’ll be getting a copy. Even if your cutie doesn’t make it the calendar, there are plenty of spot prizes!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

How will my donation be used?

The proceeds from the competition will go directly to helping our rescued shelter pets in need as well as to fund the distribution of dog and cat food in Hoi An. We appreciate all your financial support.