Education Clinic

We are excited to share that in the near future, we will help to train newly qualified vets in the surrounding areas.

 In Vietnam, veterinary students study for 5 years to quality. The degree concentrates primarily on the care of livestock and little is taught about dogs and cats. The qualification includes a few practical lessons but is not adequate to train the vet perform simple procedures or operations. The newly graduated students leave college and then start practicing as veterinarians without basic practical experience. We want to help bridge the gap and provide free internships and veterinary training so that more pets will receive the care they need.

Frequently asked questions


  • How much exercise and sleep does my new puppy need?

    Puppies need regular exercise. Make time for play and go on walks with your puppy! Let your puppy rest after meals. Growing pups need lots of sleep.

  • How do I prepare my home for a new puppy?

    Puppies love to chew things! Keep your wires, shoes and carpets out of reach.

  • How much do I need to feed my puppy?

    Puppies need 4 small meals a day until they are 6 months old, and up to 2 meals a day thereafter. Do not overfeed your puppy. Ask your vet about correct portion sizes. Your new puppy will need a feeding bowl, water bowl, bedding, toys, a leash and a collar or harness.

Download pet care resources

Raising a kitty / Cách nuôi mèo con

English brochure (PDF)
Tờ quảng cáo tiếng Việt (PDF)

Raising a puppy / Cách nuôi chó con

English brochure (PDF)
Tờ quảng cáo tiếng Việt (PDF)

For all the Paws International Clinic’s existing clients, there is the Digitail app! Digitail keeps all your pet’s data is in one place. Access it anytime, anywhere – it’s easy and free!